Is laptop necessary while travelling?

Is laptop necessary while travelling?

A few years ago, finding an internet cafe when visiting another place for vacation was a tedious task. There were only limited options those days if you wanted to email or message friends and family while travelling. These days Instead of you wasting hours of your travelling life you can simply carry your laptop with a Wi-Fi connection.

This is a great way to save time and spend your vacations with family and friends. You can also choose to work at the same time when necessary. Neither was an enjoyable experience. In this article let’s discuss the necessity of carrying a laptop while travelling.

Is there any better option than carrying a laptop?

As we all know in today’s time, technology has gained popularity worldwide. The internet can be accessed from any part of the world anytime. In this case, carrying a laptop along with you while travelling isn’t that necessary.

laptop while travelling

The reason is a lot of advanced technologies have been developed over recent years. These technologies can do all most all work that can be done using a laptop. However, it depends on the type of work you do. So, there is a better option than travel with a laptop.

Smartphones or tablet being the right option

Nowadays with the help of smartphones, you can Browsing the web, reading a book, shop online or uploading beach photos to Facebook, watching movies and TV shows, making voice and video calls and many more can be implemented without the help of a full-size laptop. Even tasks like online banking and paying bills can be done relatively easily. This is a great option as the device are smaller, cheaper, lighter, and have better battery life than almost any laptop.

So, people prefer choosing a smartphone or a tablet while travelling which is more than enough to complete all task while travelling.


However, few people would like to create content while they’re away from home, not just consume it. For such people bringing laptop on trip might be beneficial for them. Photographer, writer, or someone who can’t leave the office behind entirely will require a laptop to work no matter how much they want to while travelling.

However, these tasks can also be done with the help of a tablet or a smartphone. So, smartphones are more convenient than laptops you can choose picking up your phone and drop your laptop at home while travelling.