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Castle Archdale, Northern Ireland Coastal Command

Castle Archdale The Battle Of The North Atlantic

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The story of wartime Castle Archdale is a fascinating one which needs to be preserved. The success of Coastal Command depended on the base.
Coastal Command was responsible for locating and destroying enemy submarines ( U- boats ) in the North Atlantic Ocean during World War 2.
Castle Archdale played a vital part in the war effort, providing a much needed base for the allies from which to battle the German U-Boats whom were trying to sink as much shipping as they could in order to disrupt allied supplies.
With help from those who served there, family members of those who served there,  as well as local historians and authors this website has been created to help tell the story of wartime Castle Archdale.
This website is dedicated to the brave men and women of RAF 201 Squadron, RAF 280 Squadron, RCAF Squadron 422, RCAF Squadron 423, and all else who served at Castle Archdale during WW2 in the North Atlantic, but especially this website is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Sqdns. 280, 422 and 423, Pilot F/LT F.G."Jerry" Fellows.
I have also included information about 446 SAM Squadron, the last squadron my grandfather served with until retirement.



Castle Archdale Squadrons

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The Manor House which developed into officers quarters and HQ for the base complex.
Top left a flight control centre which was built on the roof of the house overlooking the expanse of Lower Lough Erne and the flare paths.


423 Squadron Sunderland DD862 A-"Able"
Attacked U-672 On April 24 1944
Pilot F/LT F.G."Jerry" Fellows


Unidentified WAAF at Ops Board Castle Archdale

Special thanks to:
 James Stewart     N.Ireland 
Joe O'Loughlin     N.Ireland
    Breege Mc Cusker  N.Ireland 
John Newall         Canada
                               Richard Lebek  Canada ( crew member U-672)
Norman Lebek   Canada
 Roland Berr      Germany
                                Harry Lorkin   U.K. (RAF 226 Squadron)          
     John Rogers          UK            
                                    N.Jack Logan       Canada   (RCAF 422 Squadron)
              Les and Maureen Ingram  Scotland
   Bill Barber            Canada    
  Robert Walsh        N.Ireland  
                         Capt. Jerry Mason USN (ret.)  Canada         
             Blake Wimperis      Canada              
                                   Robert Quirk     Canada                                          
                                    Norm Muffitt          Canada                                      
                         Lt/Col S. Beaton     Canada  (Camp Borden)
       Stephanie Pinder     USA            
    Alec (Johnny) Johnston    N.Z.
                 Stephen Kerr           N.Ireland             
                                   Reg Firby               Canada (RCAF 423 Squadron)
         Maurice Duffill         Australia     
                   John Hartshorn              UK                     
                                  Don Macfie      Canada ( RCAF 422/423 Squadron)
                               Frank Cauley   Canada  ( RCAF 422 Squadron)
                                Harold O'Brien  Canada  ( RCAF 423 Squadron)
                                   James Newall          UK        ( RAF 423 Squadron)
      Ian Meadows                    UK
                     Bill Baker                 Canada               
John Taylor      Canada
            Gordon Burke              Canada
          Carol Whittle                    U.K.

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