Top horror movies pokies

Top horror movies pokies

Businesses are dynamic. This compels the business look for strategies to attract a new group of customers. The same happens with the casinos. One cool idea, which we can find in the casinos is that slot based on horror movies. The players enjoy this and have a lot of fun. Slot machines are designed with popular themes. Fan of a particular theme is attracted towards that particular slot machine gaming. Recently, horror movies have found a place in the slot machines.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

It is a classic horror movie. It has five riddles with 30 pay lines. The soundtrack added to it gives a Haunting ambience. The player needs the Freddy Krueger symbol on the reels and makes him appear on all five reels which can give the maximum payout of 10,000x your bet. Are you aware of its value? It is 100000 euros which are the maximum Jackpot. You can also find other characters’ feature in the movie and that includes Nancy Holbrook, Quinton Smith and Jesse Brown.

Nightmare On Elm Street


It is one among the horror themed online pokies. You would have definitely expected this movie on the line as it is an all-time classic. The Alfred Hitchcock movie along with its vibe and the team on the slot machine game will pull you to be a part of it.

The visual appearance of this lot is very much frightening. However, the horror film fans will enjoy it. The game will include a knife icon symbol along with life-like animations. It will offer a total of 25 pay lines plus a bonus round.

horror movies pokies


Aliens movie has led to a continuous debate on whether it is science fiction or it is the horror movie. But you can find the fans do not care about it. It means that aliens also give the same feeling as that like a horror movie.

The players who want to stand by the side of Aliens can be the wages on a maximum of 15 pay lines. As in every slot based on the horror movies, it also never forgets to compliment the game with the music. The players will be shooting against the creepy alien on the way to reach the Queen hive.

All these uses of horror movies pokies on the slot machines are an excellent choice among the fans of the horror movies. They enjoy every second when they are in their favorite game with their favorite theme.