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Castle Archdale, Northern Ireland Coastal Command

Archdale Faces /Places /Photos

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On this page, you will find photos of actual members of the Castle Archdale Squadrons as well as some places the men visited. Feel free to email your photos and I will add them to the collection.



Wedding photo of F.G "Jerry" Fellows and Aileen Grant.
Tom Edwards 423 Squadron was the best man, Maureen Grant, Aileen's sister was Maid of Honour. April 14 1945 in Belfast. The rest of my grandfather's crew were also in attendance.


60 years later, Aileen and Jerry celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in Sarnia, Ontario Canada.






Jerry and Aileen Fellows, April 14, 1945, Belfast, Ireland.


Belfast, April 14, 1945 Wedding Day. Coming out of church and greeted by crew who also attended.


Belfast, April 14, 1945 Wedding Day
Maureen Grant, Jerry Fellows, Aileen Fellows, Mary McKee (Carroll), (Aileen's grandmother), Tom Edwards (423 squadron), Norah Grant (Aileen's mother). For those of you who know about Ireland, Mary McKee was the grandaughter of P.J. Carroll, the Irish tobacco giant.


Maureen Grant, Jerry Fellows, Aileen Fellows, and best man, Tom Edwards, from 423 squadron.


Jerry and Aileen Fellows (Grant) 1946


Jerry and Aileen Fellows (Grant)



Don "Red" Macfie , Ron Blades and a friend having a pint outside Gallagher's in Irvineston circa 1943.


How it looks now.


Reg Firby


Left-Right- Funk, Firby, McFee


Funk and Flight


Reg Firby, Funk , Flight and "other."


McFee, Kolachynski, Reg Firby (middle with pipe in mouth), Knudsom, Potter, Woolsey, Treek, Wilke


Back Row:  Cpl. Hall, Cpl. Murdock, Fredsmall, Funk, Flight
Front Row: Young, Kolachynski, McFee, MacMaster, Walker


All Trades of 423 Squadron


Terry Reevs and Joe Kilgour wait for Reihills to open.


The pub as it was in 1943 through the lens of Art Mountfords camera , Art survived being shot down by U-489 SE of Iceland.


Ma Bothwells steak and eggs could be had for a few shillings , a favorite "eating house" for aircrew.


Mr. Roy Pinder from 423 RCAF


Mrs Maureen Ingram along with her son Steve at the grave of her father Sgt Guy Wilkinson who was killed on 22/8/43 on Mount Brandon.


Flying Instructors Course Northern Ireland 1944
"Jerry" Fellows seated front row, far left.


F/LT F.G. "Jerry" Fellows 423 Squadron


Jerry Fellows And Crew
Sunderland Flying Boat
Loch Erne, Ireland


Sunderland Flying Boat Over Lough Erne, Ireland 1944


202 Crew
This crew - the photo was taken at 131 OTU Killadeas in 1944 , this crewe later returned to Castle Archdale with 202 squadron.

Rare picture Commanding Officers of 423 and 422 Squadrons
"FLYING YACHTSMEN" W/C Grant and W/C Frizzle, before P.D. move

F/O Jack Ritchie, navigator, plotting course on a Sunderland



Memorial to Airmen of the RCAF who lost their lives in a Suderland crash at this spot




The maintenance area at Killadeas


Bill Parker Ex 422 (left) alongside Terry Reeves ( Ex423 and 422).
Bill was unfortunate enough to forceland in a Sunderland on the coast of Iceland in 1943 - he survived along with his crewmates but it was a close call , american servicemen from a nearby base helped them to safety - the aircraft however was a write off.
In the forground another of his crew Joe Kilgour


Mr Syd Irving EX-422 RCAF - Sid survived the crash of a 422 RCAF aircraft near St. Angelo airfield Enniskillen in February 1944.
The Sunderland was on a A.F.E. with a 235 Squadron Beaufighter - a detachment from 235 had been moved over to Fermanagh to provide fighter esacort for convoys off the West Coast of Ireland which had recently been attacked by D0-217's and Ju-290's which had attacked them with "Glider bombs" Hs 293 / Fritz X.

The aircraft were down on the deck , much lower than they should have been , the Sunderland attempted to climb over a small hill which was looming in front of them , the pilot dipped to try and gain some speed but the aircraft's wing struck a telegraph wire and she stalled crashed into a small hill , cutting across a minor road and coming to rest in a field.
Local people helped the crew out , one man being awarded a bravery award for his help in the rescue.
Unfortunately two member sof the crew died .
The court of enquiry and subsquenty diciplinary hearing was hard on the Sunderland's Captain but it is likely that of those judging few had not done similar and been lucky to get away with it.
Both crew members are buried in Irvinestown Church of Ireland , one died at the scene the other the next day in the Militray hospital located at Necarne just outside Irvinestown .
Although badly injured Syd recovered from his wounds - in the late 1980's and early 90's he returned here several times and became well known locally. Behind Syd is another 422 man , Bill Parker.
A small memorial tablet has since been errected at the scene of the crash.


Armaments Section Castle Archdale. Harold O'Brien is seated front row, fourth from left.


In 2005, two memorial stone were errected in the car park at the viewpoint above Magho.
One is to those who were lost on JX242 and the other to those lost on the 201 Sunderland W4036 which crashed on the night of 18th November 1943 , three of the crew being lost.
The memorial was organised by local man Joe O'Loughlin , Briege McCusker and the Churchill historical society.
Joe had been in touch with the family of one of the crew - F/O Slack - his relatives who live in Hong Kong came over to see the memorial dedicated .
The RAF from Aldergrove also attended and provided a flypast - a SeaKing helicopter from the Air Sea Rescue unit.
They also visited the Commonwealth War grave Plots in Irvinestown.

An excellent effort from all who were involved .

Attached shows members of the Slack family and RAF party in the Church of Ireland graveyard Irvinestown.
( Joe is on the far left).


The flying pig which nearly claimed Eddie Edwards and members of 422.
This photo was taken at Oban in 1941.


A birthday party at Killadeas for Group Captain Castor the OC.
A rock on which a catalina ran aground was named after him " Castor's Rock" - he was a WW1 flyer.
The young lady second from the left is Phillipa Stone ( Nee Chapman) who would later lose her fiancee Eddie Fox in November 1944


On the left Frank Harrison and on the right Peter Frizell and Rabnett , the squadron Gunnery Officer. A few days later Al. Bishop seen here holding and "pouring" would be in the sea off Iceland having sunk a U-Boat and the man smiling at the camera Harry Parliment would be dead.


Blowing off some steam!


Ma Shutts , Irvinestown.
Now called "The Railway Bar" - during the war a very popular place to eat and have a drink.
Following the sinking of Bismarck the police turned a blind eye to a rather long "siege" which took place .( "A good night was had by all").


 WAAF's who kept the wheels turning at the motor transport section of 131(C) OTU Killadeas.


Killadeas early 1942 - a sea of mud.
The accomodation huts were infested with rats and anything which could be eaten had to be kept in a biscuit tins and hung from the roof. On more than one occasion a man would be woken from sleep to find a rat either on his chest or in his bed. Complaints to the Officers was met with little more than promises and good intentions , the rats continued to run wild.
A few NCO's / men got together and hatched a paln.
"Salvaged petrol" ( 100 octane) was taken from the tanks of some aircraft which arrived back with almost dry tanks and this was "stored" for the attack.
When "the collection" was judged to be adequate for the job they took the fuel and wnet around the trees - hollows , burrows and holes were stuffed with old rags , wood and fuel was poured in , a lighted rag folowed and "WOOF!" up it went , rats appeared by the dozen and the men armed for the task beat the survivors to death , the task was repeated until the "fuel" ran out - for some months the rats were not a problem.
Rats would continue to be a problem 422 / 423 had "rat hunts" whch helped keep the population down but they always made life uncomfortable for all concerned.


Members of 423 who visited in the early 1990's kindly signed this book for James Stewart.


Z/209 which loacted the Bismarck - she would later disappear with the loss of her crew.


Denis Briggs , commander of the aircraft which located the disabled Bismarck some 400 miles west of France


Gaynor Williams of 240 Squadron .
When the aircraft went off to Iceland he thought his chance of finding Bismarck went with them. Gaynor trailed the Bismrck for several hours after Briggs headed for home, having been directed towrds her by Briggs.
His rigger Cyril Newtown can say that he is the only member of the RAF who attempted to cook steak while being under fire by an enemy battleship.


H. Porteous outside 240 Squadron office 1941.
The operational base was at Castle Archdale.
Porteous was decorated for an attack on what was identified as an Italian submarine in September 1941 - at the time it was thought to have been sunk.


In May 1941 some of the Catalinas from Lough Erne were sent to Iceland to provide air recon in the event of the Bismarck attempting to breakout.
James Stewart calls this one of the most remarkable photos he has seen to date.
(The Sunderlands are 201 squadron aircraft).
The photograph was taken by Sgt John Iverach ( navigator) as the Catalina taxied forward.
Sgt Iverack's crew would hear the exchanges between Hollands squadron and Lutjens force in the Denmark Strait , a 201 Sunderland would see the battle take place


L of 240 squadron moored on the Lough about to under go some minor checks.


A bomb scow for transporting depth charges out to the aircraft


A bombscow slowly rusting away


Murray Wettlaufer's plane and crew


Murray Wettlaufer's plane and crew


Murray Wettlaufer's plane and crew


Murray Wettlaufer's plane and crew


Back row. - Milligan McKinley, Kilgour, Irving, Reeves, Macfie, Blades.
Front row. - Snelus , Rolls, Cook, Rosenthal , Richie.
Photo below shows Reeves and Macfie, early 90's.


Taken in the early 1990's Terry Reeves and Don Macfie on the flight deck of Kermit Weeks Sunderland (ML814) - the last airworthy example of her kind - they both had her in their logbooks - this assurred them of a look inside - as you can see from the smiles .


V.E. night in the officer's mess at Castle Archdale.


V.E. night in the officer's mess at Castle Archdale.


"Ma" Stutts in Irvinestown , one of the aircrew watering holes.
Bothwells, Gallaghters, Stutts - good food , a drink and a chance to get off camp.
The RUC called at Ma Stutts the night the camp was celebrating the sinking of the Bismarck was "after hours" but no charges were brought


Hutted accomodation stands out - cold , lacking fuel , vermin a constant problem.Today these huts are gone and the concrete bases overgrown are all that is left most of it is post war planted forest , take a walk with the site plan and it can all be found cut off at groundlevel.


Nissan hut accomodation.
Rear row- R.Bockos , J.Creighton,D.Donaldson,H.Duquette, L.Dufton,K.McLeod.
Front row J.Christian L.Bossenberry, Art Lee , Alex Aitkens.


Engine fitters / mechanics at work , 1944.


Clare Bradley's crew


Pinnace boat - searchlight for use in the dark to help crews locate moring bouys and God forbid if anyone went into the drink.


Ma Shutt's


Sgt's Mess





Special thanks to:
 James Stewart     N.Ireland 
Joe O'Loughlin     N.Ireland
    Breege Mc Cusker  N.Ireland 
John Newall         Canada
                               Richard Lebek  Canada ( crew member U-672)
Norman Lebek   Canada
 Roland Berr      Germany
                                Harry Lorkin   U.K. (RAF 226 Squadron)          
     John Rogers          UK            
                                    N.Jack Logan       Canada   (RCAF 422 Squadron)
              Les and Maureen Ingram  Scotland
   Bill Barber            Canada    
  Robert Walsh        N.Ireland  
                         Capt. Jerry Mason USN (ret.)  Canada         
             Blake Wimperis      Canada              
                                   Robert Quirk     Canada                                          
                                    Norm Muffitt          Canada                                      
                         Lt/Col S. Beaton     Canada  (Camp Borden)
       Stephanie Pinder     USA            
    Alec (Johnny) Johnston    N.Z.
                 Stephen Kerr           N.Ireland             
                                   Reg Firby               Canada (RCAF 423 Squadron)
         Maurice Duffill         Australia     
                   John Hartshorn              UK                     
                                  Don Macfie      Canada ( RCAF 422/423 Squadron)
                               Frank Cauley   Canada  ( RCAF 422 Squadron)
                                Harold O'Brien  Canada  ( RCAF 423 Squadron)
                                   James Newall          UK        ( RAF 423 Squadron)
      Ian Meadows                    UK
                     Bill Baker                 Canada               
John Taylor      Canada
            Gordon Burke              Canada
          Carol Whittle                    U.K.

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